Speaking with Manfred Eicher

Kajetan Prochyra
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And here we are with our first piece in English. In February our chief editor Kajtek Prochyra took a trip to Munich to see the exhibition in Haus der Kunst: ECM: A Cultural Archeology. While being there he was posting concert reviews (Stefano Battaglia Trio, Charles Lloyd / Jason Moran) - you can also find the reviews of their latest CD's here and here. We also published his interview with Jason Moran. Now we got something even more special: Speaking with Manfred Eicher - a podcast with an interview Kajtek made with the great producer and the founder of the legendary record label ECM. Please have a listen. And here are some words from Kajtek:


this is my first ever podcast I make in English. I had a great pleasure to have a word with Manfred Eicher - one of the greatest music producers of our times and a founder of ECM label. I met him in Haus der Kunst in Munich during the exhibition "ECM: A Cultural Archeology". And here it is.

I like to speak with musicians. I do it very often. I have a couple more recordings like this one and I would be happy to post them here the same way - but I don't know if anyone cares. Do you? If so, spread the word! Like it! Share it! Leave a comment!

Thanks a lot!