Our last tour with Nobject was a smash! - an interview with Martin Küchen

Piotr Wojdat

Are you on tour with Nobject? What are your impressions?

Martin Küchen: For the moment not on tour with Nobject. Our last tour was in December 2018 and it was a smash!

You’ve recorded an album with Rafal Mazur and Vasco Trilla. I’ve heard it’s called “X-Rayed”. How did it happen that you made it and when it will be released?

MK: It will be released June/July i think. We recorded in Lodz under the guise of Pawel Sokolowski and his Musica Privata festival and with recording engineer Rafal Drewniany.

Last year you’ve recorded also a duo album with Rafal Mazur? What do you think about this musician? Do you remember when did you met him for the first time and how did it happen?

MK: He is a fabulous musician with a very unique style. Actually we really met first time for real a day or two before this concert at Baza in Krakow, which became the duo live LP,  and it was thanks to our mutual friend Marcin Barski.

You do a lot of music. There is a new album with the band Phicus for Fundacja Sluchaj label. Could you tell us something about this project?

MK: We met in Barcelona at the time of the referendum in Katalonia, in october 2017. All the guys i knew previously, except the bass player Alex Riviriego. I was asked to join the trio for a spanish tour and a studio recording and i gladly said yes.

I read on your website that you plan a tour with Angles 9 in autumn. Can we expect some gigs in Poland?

MK: Sorry no. We were supposed to play at the Katowize Art Jazz this April, but will do it in April 2020 instead. 

“Beyond us” is a new album by Angles 9. What are the differences between it and “Disappeared Behind the Sun”?

MK: The difference is that we recorded it live (Disappeared...was a studio album) and that the material is maybe somewhat a bit different than previous material. I think the group comes together more and more and have almost found its equilibrium by now. But just almost. Which is as it should be.

How is to work for Clean Feed Records?

MK: Clean Feed with the indefatigable and ubiquitous host of Pedro Costa is such a loyal friend and true music faith holder. To work with Clean Feed Records with its lovely staff of Travassos, Madalena and Ricardo is such a reward! Without Pedro and his staff am sure Angles 9 would not still exist.

Except music projects you do a music for theatre, film and poetry. What in your opinion are your main achievements in this case?

MK: Well. Honestly i would make fantastic film scores. But then only for solo saxophone. But that thing - to make music for film - is still in the shadow of things, unfortunately. Only god know if it one day will happen. Says one who even dosent know if he believes in god or not.

What is more coming up in 2019?

MK: A new record " a paradigm of suspicion"  w THRENODY - a trio w Johan Berthling and Steve Noble - will be out on Trost Records in September 2019. I think its a VERY strong record. Then we will play with Angles 9 in The Netherlands and Belgium in October. And hopefully a residency with Samo Kutin will happen in Slovenia in September. And i really hope we will be able to tour with Nobject before the year is over. Hopefully in Poland.