I have an insatiable appetite for new sounds - interview with Ivo Perelman

Piotr Wojdat

You are very hard-working musician. How it is possible to record so much albums that you do and you’re not tired of this?

Ivo Perelman: I have an insatiable appetite for new sounds and for playing with different bands and the best way to determine how i am progressing technically is to constantly record new projects.

Have you do any special preparations for each record? Do you compose something before you do an album?

IP: I don't "compose" music before a recording. I compose it on the spot while recording. I prepare myself before a session by always trying to practice new materials.


What is your concept for free improvisation?

IP: My conceptual approach to free music is to let the mind and the heart be open as much as possible without any expectations or preconceived ideas and to really listen to what my fellow band members are playing.

There are a series of your albums. One of them is "The Art of The Improv Trio". There are five volumes, I think. Why did you decide to do this volumes?

IP: I tend to have a scientific and very organized and methodical approach to practice and performance. I like to experiment with slightly different bands varying its parameters to achieve variations in density and expression.

You are working a lot with Matthew Shipp. What kind of musician and human is he?

IP: Matt Shipp is a unique musician an individual. He is very dedicated to his art. Although being uncommonly talented he is always respectful towards other musicians and never puts them down or is disrespectful. He is also very funny and a delightful company when traveling and touring always ready to enjoy a good conversation.

What was the idea of the "Strings" series?

IP: I have studied the guitar and cello as a young boy and feel very close to Strings.I feel the saxophone can sound close to a violin or cello with all its nuances and expressive power so i decided to systematically mix different string instruments with the sax to observe the results.

I've heard there's a special record on it's way. Could you tell me more about the album “Deep Resonance” with Mark Feldman, Hank Roberts and Mark Dresser?

IP: They used to have a band in the 90’s when i moved to NY, Arcado String Trio. I used to love them and heard their cds frequently. Their direct approach to harmony and melody fascinates me. Just a String trio is a powerful band, 3 melodic lines in 3 distinct registers. So inviting them to record within the String series came very naturally to me and I couldn't be more happy with the results. The music turned out to be exquisite.

How do you do without playing concerts during lockdown?

IP: Im also a painter and jewelry designer.

How did it happen that you start with visual arts? Who and what inspires you the most?

IP: In the 90’s while recovering from hand tendonitis I started to paint to keep the creative process going since I was advised to practice less sax for a while to heal faster.After I healed from my hand condition I kept painting since I found myself totally at home with the newly discovered art form, managing to translate my music thoughts into the realm of the visual arts.

My first influences were painters from the American and European Abstract Expressionism  movement, artists like Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler and Hans Hoffman.