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I've just found a new kind of engagement with the trumpet - interview with Nate Wooley

How was the last year for you?

Nate Wooley: It was equal parts difficult and exciting. I won't even talk about personal ups and downs, or anything relating to the anxiety caused by living in America at the moment. Purely musically, it was a year of making some important decisions that entailed some growing pains as well as a renewed sense excitement about the possibilities of being a musician and an artist right now.

What you've done and what you've expected to do?

Znalazłem nowe podejście do gry na trąbce - wywiad z Natem Wooley’em

Czym jest Sound American? Co przyniósł zeszły rok? Odpowiedzi na te i kilka innych pytań znajdziecie w rozmowie z amerykańskim trębaczem Natem Wooley’em.

Jak minął Ci zeszły rok?

Known/ Unknown

Jeśli w epoce wykuwania się gatunku muzyki swobodnie improwizowanej (zatem jakieś pięćdziesiąt lat temu z okładem) głównym partnerem duetowym Paula Lyttona był Evan Parker, o tyle z perspektywy ostatnich kilkunastu lat na takie miano zasługuje z pewnością Nate Wooley.

Komunikujemy się za pomocą dźwięków - wywiad z Matiasem Riquelme

O projektach i promocji muzyki rozmawiam z wiolonczelistą, kompozytorem i improwizatorem Matiasem Riquelme.

Czy jesteś fanem King Crimson? Na YouTube oglądałem wideo z Twoim wykonaniem „Larks Tongues In Aspic III”.

We communicate perfectly using sounds - interview with Matias Riquelme

Are you a King Crimson fan? On YouTube I watched video with your performance of "Larks Tongues In Aspic III"

Izumi Kimura: Listening, trusting and not being attached to the outcome

Izumi Kimura is a japanese pianist and composer, strongely connected with improvised scene. Her last release „Illuminated Silence” is recorded with Barry Guy and Gerry Hemingway. Izumi told me about the recording, her strong intuition and musical approach.

After your childhood in Japan, You’ve decided to move to Ireland. Why have you chosen this particular place?

Paul Lytton & Nate Wolley – Known/Unknown

American trumpeter and trumpet innovator Nate Wooley has worked closely with legendary drummer and one of the fathers of European improvised music Paul Lytton for many years. Two great improvisers representing two different generations of creative artists.

Paul Lytton & Nate Wolley – Known/Unknown

Amerykański trębacz i innowator gry na trąbce Nate Wooley od wielu lat blisko współpracuje z legendarnym perkusistą i jednym z ojców europejskiej muzyki improwizowanej, Brytyjczykiem, Paulem Lyttonem.

Sestetto Internationale – Live In Munich 2019

The Listen Foundation's record label was 5 years old last year. "It's a small jubilee, but for us it's a great opportunity to celebrate," said Maciej Karłowski. None of this would have worked if it hadn't been for the trust of the musicians who decided to entrust their work to us. So this year we are going to release a little more albums than we did in previous years and prepare some surprises for music lovers. We're starting with one of the most wonderful groups of today's improvised music scene, Sestetto Internazionale, led by Harri Sjostrom.