I've just found a new kind of engagement with the trumpet - interview with Nate Wooley

How was the last year for you?

Nate Wooley: It was equal parts difficult and exciting. I won't even talk about personal ups and downs, or anything relating to the anxiety caused by living in America at the moment. Purely musically, it was a year of making some important decisions that entailed some growing pains as well as a renewed sense excitement about the possibilities of being a musician and an artist right now.

What you've done and what you've expected to do?

Znalazłem nowe podejście do gry na trąbce - wywiad z Natem Wooley’em

Czym jest Sound American? Co przyniósł zeszły rok? Odpowiedzi na te i kilka innych pytań znajdziecie w rozmowie z amerykańskim trębaczem Natem Wooley’em.

Jak minął Ci zeszły rok?