Zlatko Kauciciem

Agustí Fernández – Przekazywanie płomienia, wywiad

Rozmowa z pianistą, kompozytorem i wybitnym improwizatorem katalońskim, która podsumowuje jego dokonania artystyczne w trakcie minionego roku, a także daje trafną diagnozę sceny muzycznej w Barcelonie.

Agustí Fernández - Passing the flame

An interview with pianist, composer and outstanding Catalan improviser, which sums up his artistic achievements during the past year, and also gives an accurate diagnosis of the music scene in Barcelona.

Hello Agusti. Another year passed away, everyone is competing in summaries, creating lists of the best albums. If you let me, I would like to summarize with you the year 2018. Before we go to the albums with your music, I would like to ask you if some recordings last year, some concert particularly interested you or even dropped to your knees?