Marcin Olak / Patryk Zakrocki / Agusti Fernandez - Spontaneus Chamber Music vol. 2

Redakcja, mat. pras.

Some would say that this meeting was unavoidable. Marcin Olak and Patryk Zakrocki met for the first time during the Ad Libitum Festival ensemble which was created and led by Agusti Fernandez, then a resident artist of the festival. The meeting turned out to be so fruitful for these two artists that, after the festival, they decided to keep playing together.

It soon turned out that those seemingly different artists found a common space and music that ignited their imagination. The results was the first album of Spontaneus Chamber Music, released two years ago. Back then the duet was accompanied by percussionist Mikołaj Wielecki.

Since then, the Olak / Zakrocki duo played regularly and took part in various musical ventures. However, the moment came when it become necessary to improvise and record a little more of spontaneous chamber music.

In October last year, when Agusti Fernandez was a guest of Barry Guy's birthday concerts during Ad Libitum Festival, Marcin and Patryk invited the pianist to the recording studio, where under the watchful eye of Michał Kupicz, they recorded the second installment of Spontaneus Chamber Music.