Flow Of Everything! The new Michael Bisio and Matthew Shipp duo album available!

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mat. promocyjne

Almost ten years ago, the album Floating Ice was released by Relkative Pitch on the record market. The legendary pianist Matthew Shipp and the excellent double bass player Michael Bisio found a duo. Perhaps it might have seemed at the time that it was only a one-off project. An excellent but occasional duo of two great masters in their instrumental classes, who know each other well and have played together many times, but as a working band they will probably not have a chance to survive, because each of them is a very busy man.

It turned out, however, that both gentlemen are so close musical friends, as well as artists who are on their way together in their musical journey, that even pandemic restrictions did not shake its foundations. However, it took a whole decade for the next record incarnation of their collaboration. But in the end, the album Flow Of Everything was created and from January 21st it is available on the market. The album was released by the publishing house of Fundacja Słuchaj! - FSRecords.

The music was recorded, as is often the case with these artists, in the famous Park West recording studio in Brooklyn under the watchful and sophisticated ear of Jim Clouse, and at any moment it will hit store shelves not only in Poland, but also around the world. For now, the album is available on the Bandcamp website.

Michael Bisio & Matthew Shipp - Flow Of Everything

Michael Bisio - bass
Matthew Shipp - piano

1. Flow 9.25
2. Bow For Everyone 6.18
3. Everything 2.35
4. Of Now 7.49
5. Of Everything 11.59
6. Go-Flow 5.25
7. Flow Of Everything 6.33
8. Pockets 7.05
9. Panel 5.56
Total Time: 63.25